• Doe mee met onze doneer actie!
  • Elke euro gaat naar een kind uit minder bedeeld gezin
  • Omdat iedereen telt!

Happy fit 4 u

Do you have a child who does not easily keep up in daily life, who does not want to or cannot play team sports, because of a disability that makes him/her 'different'?

We offer a 1 on 1 training, so that your child in our safe environment, without many stimuli,

can be himself and playfully learn sports, gain confidence and become more self-confident.

Interested? Start with a rides card to see if this is what you are looking for!


We have begun!!! At Gulf of Bothnia 5B, the first 2 lessons are a fact !!! The kids liked it (thank goodness 😉 )

Still doubting if it is something for your child?

Take a trial lesson for 15 euros, your child can then experience in half an hour what it is like to have 1 on 1 lessons.

If you are interested, please fill out the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

And....you are of course welcome to come and have a look 🤗

Because of our new start, the municipality is not yet helping with grants. That is what this crowdfunding is for. With the money we also want to give children from the lower class of society e.g. welfare and debt relief a chance. For example, with 300 euros we can introduce 1 child to sport for 10 weeks!

Everything you donate is so the children can play sports!

Do you support these children?

YES I AM HELPING DONATE!Ja ik help doneren!


We are still looking for sponsors, do you want or can you sponsor us in kind? Send us an email, what you can do for us.